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Holiday Reads

A collection of ASP’s books for reading or gifting this holiday season.
Read the reviews and order soon for delivery before Christmas.


Alice's daughter

"A wonderful story - cleverly interweaving real life with poetry and prose.
It is sad but inspirational - and proves determination can overcome adversity!
A great read!" -Teresa


Mutton Fish

" captures so many layers of social history and the colonial experience in a well-written, deeply researched account of the cultural importance and eventual politicisation of abalone before and after colonisation." -Vanessa


Fight for Liberty

"A brilliant book about a little known chapter of Aboriginal urban and regional activism albeit with a devastating kick back by the government Of the day" -Amanda


The Little Red Yellow Black

"Bloody brilliant book - an easy to read, but detailed background on Australian History" -Scott


The Legend of the Seven Sisters (Children's Book)

"Beautiful book with glorious pictures." -Kathleen


Wunambi the Water Snake (Children's Book)

 "The quality is great. The pictures colour and print looks amazing" -Chanty



"Sobering, interesting and powerful. Provides fascinating insight into Australia's history prior to and after European colonisation." - Matthew


Country women and the colour bar

"The stories of how Aboriginal women were invited to join Country Women's Associations across NSW made my heart sing and to read how so many of these women worked side by side with Non Aboriginal women was inspiring..." -Mavis


The Sydney Language

"At only 120 pages, with a full 50 of those being an English to Sydney Language word list, this book is an easy to digest, impressive, and vital addition to the culture of the Sydney region." -Stephen


 The Dhurga Dictionary

"walawaani Congratulations on a wonderful, interesting and informative book. I am thoroughly enjoying trying to teach myself a little bit of Dhurga language, even though I am non-indigenous." -Sylvia


"What comes through is a strong sense of being there when history was
made by daring and committed activists."
-Steven Carroll, Sydney morning Herald


Clever Man

" a wonderfully rich, complex and sometimes mysterious biography, founded in Aboriginal men’s memories of a healer of the highest degree..."

-Emeritus Professor Nicholas Peterson, ANU

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