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Children’s Book Submissions


Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children's book writer or artist/illustrator?

Do you have an unpublished story you would like published?

If you answered yes to either question, the Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) wants to hear from you!



Why are we doing this? 

To showcase the talent and brilliance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s books writers and artist/illustrators.

What are we looking for?

  • Stories that connect with young readers, capturing their imaginations with rich cultural stories and illustrations, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Stories written in English or Language or both.
  • Stories supported by the author/illustrator/ artist's community or where appropriate permissions have been secured.
  • Illustrations can use a range of media, from water colour, acrylic, colour pencils to collage, photography and digital.


What do we mean by children's book?

We are looking for two different types of children’s books; board books and picture books.

Board books: Age 0-3 Years  
Board book stories are very simple with basic plots or learning concepts like the alphabet or colours or sometimes wordless with only illustrations. Each page may
have a single word or a very simple sentence. The illustrations in board books are usually bright, colourful images to capture the early reader. Board books are
designed for very young children and are made of thick paperboard to take the wear and tear.

Board books are generally 12 pages and 300 words or less.

Picture books: Age 3-8 Years 
Children in this stage are entering the emergent reader and early reader stages. Their attention spans are longer and they will engage for a little longer.
Illustrations dominate the text or the illustrations share the role of telling the story. It is not uncommon for every single page of a picture book to be illustrated.
Picture books can be written in different styles with simple plots.

Picture books are normally 32 pages long and around 500-700 words (often advised to aim for 500).

Who are we? 

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) is the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies’ (AIATSIS) publishing arm and Australia’s leading
publisher of Australian Indigenous studies. We have an eye for identifying compelling and award- winning narratives that capture the unique heritage and diverse
lives of Australia’s first peoples. We pride ourselves on our ethical publishing which provides readers with a rich understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples’ histories and cultures.
Find out more about the ASP publishing process 
All books submitted are assessed for publication with ASP.
See our website to find out more about the ASP publishing process.

Contact us to submit your interest.

Feel free to contact the ASP team at or on (02) 6246 1192.
Download a pdf document and print friendly version of this information from the AIATSIS website here.

This opportunity is for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, illustrators and children's book writers.

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