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Map Licensing

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) allows print and digital reproduction of the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia.

The map cannot be reproduced without approval from ASP.

To request permission to use the map you will need to submit a Permission Request Form.

A reproduction licence can be purchased for print or digital use in low or high resolution, colour and/or black and white.

Please note, you must seek permission each time you use the map in a different form.

Restrictions associated with the use of the map are outlined below.


The map must be reproduced as a whole.

In printed form, the map must be A3 size or bigger.

We require an acknowledgment/disclaimer to appear alongside or below the map. It will be provided upon approval of your request. The text is 89 words.



Please read through the map restrictions before submitting a Permission Request Form. .

These restrictions help ensure the quality and contextual information of the map.

Do Not         crop the map e.g. by state or any other boundary

Do Not         change the colours or text

Do Not         overlay images or text

Do Not         add geospatial mapping

Do Not         reproduce in loose leaf publications or handouts

Do Not         remove the contextual information

Do Not         reproduce for merchandising of any type, including but not limited to puzzles, coasters, table cloths, tea towels, T-shirts etc.


Licence timeframe

The length of time for which a licence can be granted depends on the publication and is assessed on a case by case basis. Longer licence time frames can be negotiated.

If you wish to extend the timeframe of your original licence, you will need to contact us at



Fees and conditions are assessed on a case by case basis. Elements that can determine the fees associated with map permissions include:

  • Whether the map is use in a commercial or non-commercial presentation or publication
  • The type of presentation or publication in which the map will be used
  • The context in which the map will be presented or published
  • The audience size for the map’s intended use
  • The length of time in the proposed use of the map


How to request permission

Step by step process

  1. Submit a Permission Request Form
  2. You will receive a response within 5 working days, whether your request is successful or not.
  3. If successful, you will be emailed the acknowledgement/disclaimer and the fee to which you must agree.
  4. If you agree to the conditions, you will be invoiced.
  5. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent formal approval and the digital file for the map.


To request permission to use the map you will need to submit a Permission Request Form..

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

Note: The form cannot be saved and returned to later. It must also be completed in full to submit.

  • Where the map will be used
  • How the map will be used
  • The size of the reproduction, e.g. if the map is printed in a textbook you will need to let us know the size of the print run
  • If printed in a publication, the retail price of the publication
  • the audience and its potential size
  • the information that will be surrounding the map



The AIATSIS map is often used for training purposes and is available for purchase in hard copy for this purpose.

The map is for sale in three sizes and we offer generous discounts for bulk orders. See below for further information on purchasing maps.


The AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia

The AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia attempts to represent the general location of larger language, tribal or nation groups of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. These representations may include smaller groups such as clans, dialects or individual languages in a group. The reverse side of the map includes a list of groups and regions, including alternative spellings, languages and dialects.

The map was produced for a general reading audience, based on the published resources available between 1988 and 1994. It is not definitive and is not the only information available which maps language and social groups.

For further information about Indigenous Australian languages, AUSTLANG is an online resource which provides information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages which has been assembled from a number of referenced sources.

The printed map is available to purchase in two formats:


Both formats are available in three sizes:




Permission will be granted to the applicant only and cannot be shared with other parties.

The map remains copyright to AIATSIS. We will not provide the underlying GIS (Geospatial) data.

Aboriginal Studies Press reserves the right to refuse permission to reproduce the map in print in order to ensure the high production values of the original are not compromised. Note that because the map is a large-scale print publication, reproducing it at a small scale means that much of the information will not be legible. In addition, the map is produced as a high-quality printed product and ASP will need to assure itself that any print reproduction undertaken will produce a high-quality product.

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