Our eBooks are great for reading on-the-go using your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or ereader. Most of our new titles are published simultaneously in print and as eBooks. Some books, such as large format illustrated books, aren’t suitable to produce as eBooks.

Purchasing our eBooks

We produce eBooks in PDF, ePub and MOBI (Kindle) formats. Prices and formats may vary between retailers. Some devices may need an eBook reading device, so check with the retailer before purchasing. Our titles are available online through major retailers in Australia, New Zealand and overseas, including ebooks.comAmazonApple and Kobo.

There are select ASP titles available exclusively as ebooks, which cannot be purchased in hardcopy. To view this list, please head to the AIATSIS website.

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Christmas Delivery

Christmas dates for deliveries within Australia

Cut-off for Christmas delivery is December 18.

Place your Christmas orders soon and select Express Post at checkout to ensure a faster deliver.

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