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The Difference Identity Makes -

The Difference Identity Makes

Indigenous Cultural Capital in Australian Cultural Fields

Lawrence Bamblett, Fred Myers and Tim Rowse

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Through the struggles of Indigenous Australians for recognition and self-determination it has become common sense to understand Australia as made up of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and read more

Through the struggles of Indigenous Australians for recognition and self-determination it has become common sense to understand Australia as made up of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and things. But in what ways is the Indigenous/non-Indigenous
distinction being used and understood?

In The difference identity makes thirteen Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics examine how this distinction structures the work of cultural production and how Indigenous producers and their works are recognised and valued.

The editors introduce this innovative collection of essays with a pathfinding
argument that 'Indigenous cultural capital' now challenges all Australians to re-position themselves within a revised scale of values. Each chapter looks at one of five fields of Australian cultural production: sport, television, heritage, visual arts and music, revealing
that in each the Indigenous/non-Indigenous distinction has effects that are specific.

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  • Released May 2019
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About The Author

Lawrence Bamblett is a Wiradjuri man from New South Wales and a lecturer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History in the School of History at the Australian National University.

Laurie is a Visiting Research Fellow at AIATSIS and an adjunct research fellow at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies. Dr Lawrence Bamblett is Wiradjuri, his home is Erambie Mission on the Kalari River in Wiradjuri country where he works on community
development projects. He is committed to dealing with the vital issue of cultural resurgence through community development projects as well as his research. Laurie was awarded his PhD in 2009 from Charles Sturt University (CSU) on the research topic ‘Continuity and representations of Wiradjuri culture’. His book, based on his PhD project, Our Stories Are Our Survival (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2011), was a runner-up in the 2011 Stanner Award.

Laurie now teaches history in the School of History, College of Arts and Social Sciences, the Australian National University, where he is co-director of the Australian Centre for Indigenous History. Fred Myers is the Silver Professor of Anthropology at New York University. His work explores the significance of art and material culture as a point of articulation between the values and expectations of Indigenous people and institutions of the outside world.

He has written two monographs, Pintupi Country, Pintupi Self: Sentiment, place and politics among Western Desert Aborigines (1986) and Painting Culture: The making of an Aboriginal high art (2002). His studies of western desert art and its global circulation are included in books that he has edited: The Traffic in Culture: Refiguring anthropology and art (co-edited with George Marcus, 1995), and The Empire of Things (2001). His association with western desert (Australian) Aboriginal people since the early 1970s has also enabled him to write of them historically, as in his contribution to Experiments in Self-Determination: Histories of the outstation movement in Australia (ANU Press, 2016), which he co-edited with Nicolas Peterson. Emeritus Professor Tim Rowse is a historian affiliated with the Institute for Culture and Society (Western Sydney University) and with the National Centre for Biography (the Australian National University). His most recent book, Indigenous and other Australians since 1901 (UNSW Press, 2017), was short-listed in 2018 for the Ernest Scott Prize and for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History.

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